Flock Hill Station
Lake Pearson on the Arthur's Pass road.
Looking up the Forbes Valley with  Mt D'Archiac on the right
on my wall
Big Mt Peel and frost  SOLD
Mt Somers
Lake Tekapo, looking up the Godley Valley SOLD
Taramakau River, West Coast 
South Island, New Zealand from 2002. 

I ship framed  or unframed free within New Zealand and unframed only to anywhere else in the world, also free of charge.

Prices quoted in NZ$, any other currency 
quoted upon request.

Kahikatea growing in the water at the outlet of Lake Brunner     SOLD
Grey river from Stillwater SOLD
Saddle Peak, Geraldine
Taranaki Gate, Glen Lion Station, Ohau                           SOLD
South Kaikoura Coast   SOLD
The Temple Lake Ohau SOLD
Big Mt Peel and the Lynn Valley SOLD

Head of Lake Ohau                SOLD
Malborough Vineyards SOLD

Old mower and seed drill, 
Flock Hill station
Kekerengu, North Kaikoura Coast
Dobson Valley with cows SOLD
Brocken River and the Torless Range