Figures and Portraits
are perhaps the oldest subjects.  I find there is no end to the subtlety of contours and colours.  In this small gallery of work there are some oil and watercolour paintings and a number of charcoal drawings.
Aroha Gould                            SOLD
Pensive girl                                     SOLD
Light and dark
First communion
Shelly...                        SOLD
Shelly standing    SOLD
Maud, (oil)          On my wall
Standing figures.
Lyndsey reading  SOLD
Shelly's stare      SOLD
California girl      SOLD
Hayley          SOLD
Joanna Martin (oil)
Dancer, Mexico
Self portrait (oil)
Self portrait, (oil)
Self portrait landing trout   SOLD
Ode to all Odalisques (oil)
Shelly relaxed
The Egg Bearer (oil)                      SOLD
Hayley, twice.
Hayley           SOLD
Midge standing
Facing the music
Model in traditional Liberian dress and carrying baby in a cloth wrap
Study of  a seated woman
Millie Hopwood of Ashburton at 92     SOLD