This winter I left New Zealand on our shortest day traveling to California for two weeks. The North Coast is wild and rugged, enhanced by the fog which comes and goes in this area

All prices quoted are in New Zealand dollars
Elk Beach,California  $2000
Ten Mile River, SOLD
Ten Mile River, Mendcino County, California  $2000
Cuffey's Cove, Mendocino County, California  $1500
Lespinassiere, Languedoc, France  $1800
Courniou, Languedoc, France  $1400
Drouille, Languedoc France $4000
Mendocino Beach, Independence Day, California  $1400
Minerve in the morning,  $1500 SOLD
Pestous, Languedoc, France   $1000
La Vault and the Gorges Henric, Languedoc, France $1200
Children at Moniques, Brettes, Languedoc, France   $3000 SOLD
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La Salvetat Agout, Languedoc, France     $1000
Tomales, Califoirnia    $2000
Chatting at the fountain, Cruzy, Languedoc, France $2000  SOLD
Nicks Cove, Tomales Bay, California  $1400
Olagues, Languedoc, France $1200 SOLD
St Pons de Thiers, languedoc, France   $1500 SOLD
Jaur River at Olargues, Languedoc, France  $3000 SOLD
St Etienne d Albagnan, Languedoc, France  $1200
Brassac, Languedoc, France  $1200
I spent a wonderful month with my 10 year old daughter in the Haut Languedoc region in the south of France during our winter. We enjoyed long hot days in a rich and varied landscape with vinyards, villages, and lots of well tended gardens. The paint dried fast and there was plenty to inspire painting most days.
Front door, Brettes, Languedoc, France  $3000 SOLD
Minerve, Languedoc, France    SOLD
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Langlade, Languedoc, France   $2000 SOLD
Vieussan de l'Orb, Languedoc, France   $1500 SOLD