Boats and bodies......  two subjects related in ways, yet totally unrelated in others.....

Boats are usually referred to as feminine, they work as tirelessly as women with as little thanks, can be a great help in riding out life's great storms, and at times can be as cantankerous as each other!

Some of the works are from years past and others just last week's offering, some sold and some still waiting for a wall.

Salmon boat on the Albion River, Mendocino county, California. These double ended, low slung boats were used to run nets.  Built by Italian fishermen down the coast around Monterey they  are particularly sweet in their lines.     SOLD
Vash               SOLD
I painted these two at the Timaru harbour. The lower one as the sun was setting, the light becoming golden and the water like a mirror.
Sizes and prices in any currency on request:
Lugger from Loo at Gweek., Cornwall.
I was up to my knees when finishing this
one as the tide was on the make!
Marama, hapu
At the beach
Emma on her elbows
Midge twice