Unframed 470 x 330 mm.  N.Z.$800,  U.S.$400
Unframed 364 x 254 mm. N.Z.$800,  U.S.$400
Unframed 530 x 745 mm.  N.Z.$5000  U.S.$2500
Unframed 530 x 745 mm.  N.Z.$4000,  U.S.$2000
Unframed 370 x 770 mm.  N.Z.$1500, U.S.$800
Unframed 417 x 747 mm.  N.Z.$3000,  U.S.$1500
Old man Range, Mt Somers and Mt Hutt with the Rangitata river in the forground                                                    SOLD
The Hopkins Valley
Ram Hill and Glen Mary, Glen Lyon Station. Showing the beginning of the Temple, Hopkins, and Dobson valleys on a frosty morning.            SOLD
Station Hut in the Dobson Valley, just discernable in the lower right of the painting      SOLD
Little Mt Peel and Kahikatea gowing on
the flats below       SOLD
Mt Cook, Aoraki, New Zealand's highest mountain at 3764m. SOLD
Unframed, 404 x 750 mm, framed 637 x 980 mm. N.Z.$,2000,  U.S.$1000
The Old Man range, Mt Somers and Mt Hutt with the Rangitata river in the foreground  SOLD

Unframed 745 x 405 mm.  N.Z.$ $6000,  U.S.$4000
Unframed, 367 x 259 mm.  N.Z.$800,  U.S.$400
The North Eastern face of Big Mt Peel, 1717m high SOLD
Kahikateas in the snow 
under Little Mt Peel        SOLD
If you
would like to
be in touch, touch me!
Unframed 745 x 530 mm, framed 990 x 775 mm.  $N.Z $5000,  U.S.$3000
Rangitata River from White Rock Station, Mt Harper on the right and the Two Thumb range at the head of the valley SOLD
unframed 320 x 533 mm, framed 550 x 763 mm  $N.Z 1200,  U.S. $600
Ross Cottage and Mt Somers. This cottage was built 130 years ago and has been thoughtfully restored and is now part of Tussock & Beech Ecotours accomodation
Unframed, 745 x 530 mm, framed 995 x 785 mm. N.Z.$4000, U.S.$2400
Unframed 740 x 400 mm, framed 995 x 785 mm. N.Z.$4000, U.S.$2400
The walnut tree at the back of Lynne Alexander's Tree Crop Farm in Akaroa, delicious bed and baths, coffee and company! SOLD
The entrance to Tree Crop Farm  SOLD         

Mt D'Archiac looking up the Forbes Valley       SOLD
Mt Peel and flowering cabbage trees from our home in Peel Forest
Mt D'Archiac and the Havelock Valley. Mt Sunday is in the lower right hand side of the painting and was the location of Edoras Village in the Lord Of The Rings films.       SOLD                            
Springfield and the Torlesse Range SOLD

Rail crossing at Lake Sarah SOLD