Golden Bay and Marlborough
A wonderful part of the country where the sea meets the land which lies towards the north and the sun.
Framed 679 x 260 mm, unframed 526 x 260 mm.  N.Z.$500, U.S. $250
Framed 735 x 553 mm, unframed 534 x 352 mm.  N.Z.$1600, U.S.$800
Framed 404 x 564 mm, unramed 204 x 364mm.  N.Z.$800, U.S.$400
One of the painting group at work in the Tuamarina cemetry
A view from Fizz Trolove's vinyard, Marlborough
Towards Collingwood from Onekaka.
Cottage at Waikato, Golden Bay    SOLD
Collingwood wharf
Boats at the Havelock wharf
Framed 523 x 415 mm, unframed 332 x 223 mm. N.Z.$1000, U.S.$400
Sweet Thursday, beached at     Milnthorpe, Golden Bay.
On enquiring, the owner said the name came from a Steinbeck novel of the same name. Very sweet boat!

Framed 380 x 278 mm, unframed 228 x 123 mm. N.Z.$400, U.S.$200
Towards Rarangi Beach, Marlborough
Framed 737 x 404 mm, unframed 535 x 205 mm,  N.Z.$800, U.S.$400
East along Tukurua Beach towards
Onekaka and Takaka SOLD
Framed 675 x 534 mm, unframed 475 x 333 mm.  N.Z.$1600, U.S.$800
Looking towards Collingwood from Tukurua Beach
Framed 555 x 444 mm, unframed 362 x 353 mm.  N.Z$800, U.S.$400
The view from the Tuamarina cemetry overlooking all that Marlborough Chardonay
Bush Road, Tuamarina, Marlborough  SOLD
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Waynes house at Wairau, looking towards the Fishtail