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530 x 360 mm unframed 750 X 580mm framed mm  N.Z.$1500. U.S.$750.
Thatched roof house, Nieblum, Isle of Foehr, typical of the north east Friesian islands, especially the arch in the gate which is often repeated in the front door.  

Smoked Mackerel  mmmmmmh.   Being an island, Foehr has a great variety of fish available.                        SOLD

360 x 250mm unframed 540 x 430mm framed N.Z.$800 U.S.$400
Rape fields, Hornoldendorf, Germany. Thousands of acres of this are grown to produce canola oil for the 80 million or so residents of Germany
250 x 360mm unframed 430 x 540mm framed. N.Z.$800. U.S.$400
House in the Schling,
Heiligenkirchen, Germany
Cafe lunch in Halki, Naxos.
If you are ever in this tiny village be sure to visit Alexander and Katharina at their wonderful shop L'Olivier, most beautiful olive wood and ceramics.
The harbour of Naxos faces the sunset .........
The light, colours, and temperature changed dramatically when I got to Greece!
Fishing boats at Kamari, Isle of Santorini, Greece
250 x 360 mm unframed 430x 540 mm framed. N.Z.$800. U.S.$400
Street cafe, Paros, Greece
Cliff houses at Ia, Santorini, one of the best places in the world to view the sunset from.
530 x 360 mm unframed. 750 x 580mm framed. N.Z.$1500. U.S.$750
More houses at Ia looking back to the capital of Santorini, Thira.
The settlements are built at the edge of a volcanic crater which erupted as recently as the 1930's.
Goats in the afternoon heat under the olive trees behind Halki, high in the hills of Naxos            SOLD
360 x 250mm unframed. 540 x 430 mm framed. N.Z.$800. U.S.$400
Hill-top windmill
530 x 360 mm unframed 750 x 580mm framed N.Z.$2000. U.S.$ 1000
Pigros, with the highest point of Santorini at left top. The trees in the right hand foreground are pistachios.    SOLD
Donkeys threshing, Santorini.
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Chapel and ruin at Emborio, Santorini,
Cool courtyard in the heat of the day,
Santorini, Greece                             SOLD
Fresh figs on my plate, mmmh, Paros, Greece
Framed 560 x 730 mm,  unframed 360 x 530 mm.  N.Z.$1500,  U.S.$750
Below Thira, Santorini, Greece
Framed 560 x 730 mm, unframed 560 x 530 mm. N.Z.$1500, U.S.$750.
Fishing boats, Nouassa, Paros, Greece     SOLD
A few paintings from Germany and the Greek Islands.